4 Fatal Google Ads Mistakes

Google Ads can either skyrocket your sales or burn your ad money. And unfortunately, the latter happens way more often. That might be because the advertiser doesn’t understand their market, or they make some fatal mistakes.

But what are these mistakes? Continue reading to find out.

Not Changing This Sneaky Geotargeting Option

Here’s the thing.

Google wants to profit from you. Sometimes they do it in quite sneaky ways.

And an example of this is in the geotargeting options. After picking your target location, make sure you click the dropdown below named “Location Options.”

There, as default, Google has set targeting to “Presence or interest.” That means it will target both people in your area and outside the area. You want to change that to “Presence.”

Not Using Bidding Strategies

Another problem with some advertisers is that they use manual bidding. While that will give you more control of your ad spend, it can also increase your mistakes. So instead of wasting money, let Google do it themselves.

Using Too Many Keywords At Once

And lastly, let’s talk about keyword usage. Most people, unfortunately, use too many keywords.

While it might seem like a good thing to do, it actually isn’t. That’s because you’ll be needing to optimize so many keywords, which doesn’t make it worth the hassle.

So first, do a couple of keywords, optimize them, and then do the same with the following keywords.

Measuring Ads With Wrong Data

So your Google Ads are converting a lot of visitors to new buyers. That’s awesome, but how can you make sure that your ads are actually profitable.

What most beginners do is look at their sales figures and think that they are making money!

However, with the shipping and product costs, profit can soon turn into a loss. So when running ad campaigns, make sure you are <a href=https://kuvio.io/>profit bidding google ads</a> with software like Kuvio.

That way, you’ll quickly see if your ads are making money.


And these are fatal mistakes. When you avoid these, you’ll make more money. So go out there, and start advertising. Maybe you’ll skyrocket your sales now!

Custom Laptop Stickers 101 – How to Make Your Own

Custom Laptop Stickers 101 – How to Make Your Own

Whether you like sticker bombing your laptop or just like having a few stickers around the back of your computer, making your own stickers sounds great! And the best part, it’s actually relatively easy to make them! Here’s the 3-step process to creating your own!

Step #1 – Designing

The first step is to create your design. You can do it in two ways. First, you could make it yourself if you have the skills. But if you don’t, then hiring a freelancer to do it is the next best option. You’ll just have to give them a rough illustration, and they’ll make it for you!

Step #2 – Getting the Materials

Once you’ve got the design, it’s great to buy suitable materials. The best material to use for your sticker is white vinyl. This will keep your sticker looking fresh for a long time, especially if you get one with a UV-resistant layer.

Step #3 – Printing

Now all that is left is to print! So just put the vinyl to your printer, and print the illustration. Then just cut it out with scissors, and you’re done!

But what if you don’t have a printer at home? Then I’d recommend you to buy custom laptop stickers at Stickerapp.


And now you’re done! That’s all you need to know about sticker making. So get your creative juices flowing, and create your own stickers, so you can soon stick them to the back of your laptop.

Add Some Extra Happiness to the Office

Add Some Extra Happiness to the Office

Most of us have to work to make a living. For me, work has always been a source of energy. It may not always be fun, and naturally it has its ups and downs. But still, I like working and it provides me with a sense of belonging and purpose. I hope you feel the same way. 

Sometimes, though, working feels like… well, work. It’s dull and something that you have to pull through. For those times, I have come up with a few things that help me through the office days as happily as possible. 

Personalize Your Desk or Cubicle

This may feel counter intuitive, but making my desk feel a bit more like my house, I actually enjoy sitting there a bit more. You can even buy custom laptop stickers with pictures of your family (or for me: my hens) to be reminded of things, people or pets you love whenever you are to open your laptop. 

Photos and Posters

I have put a few pictures on the walls of my cubicle. My family is there, as well as a couple of posters that I love. Looking at them makes me feel calmer whenever I am stressed out. 

When I enter my cubicle in the morning, the pictures have removed the dull feeling the empty walls can bring about. Now it’s more like walking into a nice and friendly place, welcoming me to a day of activities that will make me feel fulfilled and that I belong in a context.

Keeping Chickens Helps Reduce Stress

Keeping Chickens Helps Reduce Stress

We live in uncertain times, and the past year has really been strainful to all of us. Some of us have had to endure strict measures to curb the spread of the pandemic, while others have had less of an intrusion. But all of us have experienced heightened levels of stress, I’m sure. 

What I have discovered is that keeping hens and chickens have actually helped me lessen my stress. The hens are there everyday, and regardless of the news and developments of the pandemic, they need to be tended to. They behave the same way and are just as affectionate, and that has helped me feel grounded and a bit more secure. 

Other Ways to Keep Calm

My hens and the daily routines help me, but I’ve also found a few other things are helpful in keeping me stable mentally. One of them is yoga. I spend 30 minutes daily on my yoga mat. There are a number of yoga teachers on youtube, providing yoga routines for free. I vary my programs to keep me alert and exercise all parts of my body. And of course, to enjoy my half hour on the mat every time. 

I have also found a small, and perhaps silly, thing that keeps me smiling and reminds me of de-stressing. Print stickers online with a simple reminder such as “Breathe” or “Smile” and put them where you see them regularly. I’ve put mine on the fridge and on the inside of the door to the house. Works every time, and puts a smile on my face as well.

Making The Perfect Custom Laptop Stickers

Making The Perfect Custom Laptop Stickers

Ever wanted to express yourself with laptop stickers, but haven’t found the perfect one? If that’s you, then the best thing to do is make custom ones. But if you want it to last a long time, then it needs to have the right design and the perfect materials. So let me tell you all that you need to know about making custom laptop stickers.

Picking the right materials

The most important thing you need to consider is the materials. When you pick the wrong materials, your sticker will fall off easily or lose its color.

The best material would be something that is both UV resistant and waterproof. And the right material would be white vinyl. But if you can find the right company, then the best material would be Kraft Paper. Why? Well, it’s due to its durability. Other materials like Epoxy and Heavy Duty are okay, but they can leave a residue due to their ultra high-tack adhesive.

Creating your design

Now that you have chosen your materials, it’s time to create a design for it! There are two ways to do it:

Design yourself. Probably the cheapest way to get your sticker designs. So if you’re doing something very simple or just confident in your design skills, then this is the option for you.

Get someone to design. But what if you can’t design them yourself? Then the best alternative is for someone else to do it! You can find hundreds of designers on freelance platforms like Fiverr, or Upwork that could do it for you! And the best thing is that you can get it professionally designed for quite cheap.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit you need to know before making your own stickers. Now all you need to do is find a company to produce those stickers. If you want my recommendation, then I’d recommend you to buy custom laptop stickers from stickerapp. There you can easily order your custom stickers and get the best materials.

A sticker is a small form of printing

A sticker is a small form of printing

A sticker is a small form of printing. Stickers are made on a self-adhesive basis, as they are designed to be glued onto surfaces of various kinds. These stickers can be used as an information banner, an element of decor and design.

Advantages of using stickers

Often many companies use stickers for advertising purposes, as stickers are an effective tool in the promotion and further sale of goods.

Stickers are a perfect example of advertising your products, which not only tells a potential customer about the product but also is a symbol of your company. This is an opportunity to express yourself, because in just one day thousands of people will notice the stickers with your company logo, and some of them will remember and begin to distinguish your organization from others. Bright and affordable stickers can attract attention and thereby increase the brand recognition of your company. It is no coincidence that stickers are a mandatory part of an advertising campaign.

Stickers for your purpose

Stickers are applicable to any business, even if you raise chickens for sale.

If raising chickens is your business, stickers can help draw attention to it. You can order stickers with cute chickens or hens, or you can design your own sticker design that will help promote your business and bring in revenue.

Stickers can be useful even if raising and rearing chickens is your hobby. In this case, stickers with these birds will lift your spirits and provide a great mood. As in the previous case, you can order ready-made stickers or design your own, including photos of your favorite hen.

You can not only order but also print stickers online, which will save you a lot of time.

Fun facts you didn’t know about chickens – Part 1

Fun facts you didn’t know about chickens – Part 1

There is more to chickens than what many people realise. They can actually recognise and distinguish between over one hundred faces of other chickens. So, they do have an impressive memory, at least when it comes to their own kind! And while some animals have black and white vision, chickens and roosters are able to see in full color, which means that they are able to register all the different colors of each other’s feathers. 

This is great, because it would have been such a waste with all those beautiful colors otherwise, especially that strong beautiful red color that we see in their combs. (As you probably already know, both hens and roosters have combs, although they are more pronounced among the roosters).

Chickens also dream when they sleep if we are to draw that conclusion from the fact that they also experience rapid eye movement when they sleep. REM sleep (rapid eye movement) is the time of the night when also humans dream. Perhaps they are more visionary and aware than we realise, because they also do feel pain. Chickens have pain receptors which means that they can experience both pain and distress. 

With this in mind we need to be respectful of chickens, roosters and hens and be discerning customers that choose only to buy eggs and chicken products that come from responsible sources. To read more about chickens get on our email marketing list and be informed of upcoming blog posts, offers and promotions. We aim to please and entertain you!

Fun facts you didn’t know about chickens – Part 2

Fun facts you didn’t know about chickens – Part 2

To continue our previous blog post that was very popular amongst our readers, we start with stating the obvious: chickens are adorable! It is not a fun fact you didn’t know, but it is worth mentioning anyways. Did you know that chickens have over different 30 types of sounds that they use to alarm each other of different threats? It may sound like they are all just clucking and cheeping, but they have a nuanced language that is a lot more intricate than we think. They also talk to their babies in the womb and the mothers teach their little ones the different sounds before they enter the world.

Another interesting fact about the chickens is that they are very aware of who the boss is in the crowd. You might have heard of the term “pecking orders” and that refers to the social hierarchy of the chickens, which is quite complex. These beautiful animals also like to sunbathe, just like we do and many of our pets at home, like dogs and cats. It seems that we all agree on the healing and soothing properties of the radiant sun.

If you have a company selling eggs or other chicken related products you can use a marketing automation software like Apsis to share some of these interesting facts with your customers. It is always great with a quick fact that you can share with friends and family. Let’s share the word about these incredible creatures that are more capable than we think.

There Are More Chickens Than People in the World

From Visually.

Why Chickens Make Perfect Family Pets

Why Chickens Make Perfect Family Pets

If your little one is asking for a pet, look a little further than cats and dogs. Today, the chicken has become more popular as a household pet. These farm animals are finding themselves at home in cities and suburban backyards. If you’re wondering why chickens make a perfect family pet, take a look at some of their most endearing qualities.

Fresh Eggs Taste Great

Whether you have one chicken or you plan to build a coop together with family members, it won’t take long before you’ve become picky about the freshness of your eggs. Pale green, blue and brown, the eggs from your backyard will look beautiful and taste delicious.

Chicken Deposits Make Good Manure

You might get tired of cleaning up after the dog or frustrated when all of the plants around your cat’s preferred toileting spot die. Neither of those situations will be a problem with chickens. Their deposits are good for your yard. If you can train them to go in specific areas, you’ll have some really fertile soil.

Chickens Eat Pests

Think of your backyard nemesis: June bugs, cabbage beetles, cucumber worms, etc. Chickens love to eat the insects in your yard. They might even kill mice in the yard.

Baby Chickens Are Soft and Fluffy

It’s true that they won’t be little forever, but neither will a puppy or kitten. There’s nothing quite like holding a tiny, warm chick in your hands.

Their Personalities Are Entertaining

Some chicken owners insist that chickens have personalities as complicated and unique as humans. You’ll definitely recognize characteristics such as curiosity, bravery, shyness, friendliness or bossiness. As you and your family come to know each chicken better, you’ll find that they are a constant source of entertainment. They might even prompt some laughter on a regular basis.

Chickens Are Good Companions

Hens are social creatures and when they get a lot of interaction, they’ll be as friendly as a pet dog. Your kids might carry chickens around just like a cat or spend time playing with them in the yard. In general, chickens are less work than dogs and more loving than cats.

Selling Your Excess Eggs

Selling Your Excess Eggs

Once you’ve established a flock of chicken, there’s a good chance you’ll find that you have more eggs than you could ever eat. What can you do with those extras? One profitable solution is selling your excess eggs. Your successful venture will begin with a handful of important considerations.

What Are the Local Laws?

Some communities have restrictions on how many animals you can have in your yard and others may prohibit chickens all together. Many communities allow backyard chicken hatcheries to sell eggs to friends, family and neighbors without any requirements. If you want to move beyond that point, you may find that it’s necessary to meet FDA guidelines. Before planning to make a lot of money selling the extra eggs, be sure you understand your local laws.

Who Are Your Most Likely Customers?

If most of your potential market are individuals who are focused on sales, you might struggle to keep your prices low enough to entice buyers while making a profit. Are there other people in your neighborhood who are selling eggs? These and other factors will affect the price you can set for each dozen.

How Will You Package the Eggs?

If you’re selling enough eggs that you’re dealing with legal requirements, you probably won’t be able to reuse egg containers. If you’re only dealing with a few leftover eggs, you might not want to invest in packages. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to grow your business, a new carton with an attractive label can be a good source of advertising.

Will You Work With a Large Retailer?

If you have enough eggs, you might consider working with a larger retailer who will turn around and sell the eggs again. If you hope to reach this point, you’ll find that the legal requirements are much stricter and the risks are also greater. Create an emergency plan and look into applicable insurance plans.

Selling your extra eggs could be a great way to make a bit of profit without too much additional work. With a little bit of research, you may find that your backyard chickens are wonderful business partners.