Add Some Extra Happiness to the Office

Most of us have to work to make a living. For me, work has always been a source of energy. It may not always be fun, and naturally it has its ups and downs. But still, I like working and it provides me with a sense of belonging and purpose. I hope you feel the same way. 

Sometimes, though, working feels like… well, work. It’s dull and something that you have to pull through. For those times, I have come up with a few things that help me through the office days as happily as possible. 

Personalize Your Desk or Cubicle

This may feel counter intuitive, but making my desk feel a bit more like my house, I actually enjoy sitting there a bit more. You can even buy custom laptop stickers with pictures of your family (or for me: my hens) to be reminded of things, people or pets you love whenever you are to open your laptop. 

Photos and Posters

I have put a few pictures on the walls of my cubicle. My family is there, as well as a couple of posters that I love. Looking at them makes me feel calmer whenever I am stressed out. 

When I enter my cubicle in the morning, the pictures have removed the dull feeling the empty walls can bring about. Now it’s more like walking into a nice and friendly place, welcoming me to a day of activities that will make me feel fulfilled and that I belong in a context.

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