Fun facts you didn’t know about chickens – Part 2

To continue our previous blog post that was very popular amongst our readers, we start with stating the obvious: chickens are adorable! It is not a fun fact you didn’t know, but it is worth mentioning anyways. Did you know that chickens have over different 30 types of sounds that they use to alarm each other of different threats? It may sound like they are all just clucking and cheeping, but they have a nuanced language that is a lot more intricate than we think. They also talk to their babies in the womb and the mothers teach their little ones the different sounds before they enter the world.

Another interesting fact about the chickens is that they are very aware of who the boss is in the crowd. You might have heard of the term “pecking orders” and that refers to the social hierarchy of the chickens, which is quite complex. These beautiful animals also like to sunbathe, just like we do and many of our pets at home, like dogs and cats. It seems that we all agree on the healing and soothing properties of the radiant sun.

If you have a company selling eggs or other chicken related products you can use a marketing automation software like Apsis to share some of these interesting facts with your customers. It is always great with a quick fact that you can share with friends and family. Let’s share the word about these incredible creatures that are more capable than we think.

There Are More Chickens Than People in the World

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