Custom Laptop Stickers 101 – How to Make Your Own

Whether you like sticker bombing your laptop or just like having a few stickers around the back of your computer, making your own stickers sounds great! And the best part, it’s actually relatively easy to make them! Here’s the 3-step process to creating your own!

Step #1 – Designing

The first step is to create your design. You can do it in two ways. First, you could make it yourself if you have the skills. But if you don’t, then hiring a freelancer to do it is the next best option. You’ll just have to give them a rough illustration, and they’ll make it for you!

Step #2 – Getting the Materials

Once you’ve got the design, it’s great to buy suitable materials. The best material to use for your sticker is white vinyl. This will keep your sticker looking fresh for a long time, especially if you get one with a UV-resistant layer.

Step #3 – Printing

Now all that is left is to print! So just put the vinyl to your printer, and print the illustration. Then just cut it out with scissors, and you’re done!

But what if you don’t have a printer at home? Then I’d recommend you to buy custom laptop stickers at Stickerapp.


And now you’re done! That’s all you need to know about sticker making. So get your creative juices flowing, and create your own stickers, so you can soon stick them to the back of your laptop.

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