4 Fatal Google Ads Mistakes

Google Ads can either skyrocket your sales or burn your ad money. And unfortunately, the latter happens way more often. That might be because the advertiser doesn’t understand their market, or they make some fatal mistakes.

But what are these mistakes? Continue reading to find out.

Not Changing This Sneaky Geotargeting Option

Here’s the thing.

Google wants to profit from you. Sometimes they do it in quite sneaky ways.

And an example of this is in the geotargeting options. After picking your target location, make sure you click the dropdown below named “Location Options.”

There, as default, Google has set targeting to “Presence or interest.” That means it will target both people in your area and outside the area. You want to change that to “Presence.”

Not Using Bidding Strategies

Another problem with some advertisers is that they use manual bidding. While that will give you more control of your ad spend, it can also increase your mistakes. So instead of wasting money, let Google do it themselves.

Using Too Many Keywords At Once

And lastly, let’s talk about keyword usage. Most people, unfortunately, use too many keywords.

While it might seem like a good thing to do, it actually isn’t. That’s because you’ll be needing to optimize so many keywords, which doesn’t make it worth the hassle.

So first, do a couple of keywords, optimize them, and then do the same with the following keywords.

Measuring Ads With Wrong Data

So your Google Ads are converting a lot of visitors to new buyers. That’s awesome, but how can you make sure that your ads are actually profitable.

What most beginners do is look at their sales figures and think that they are making money!

However, with the shipping and product costs, profit can soon turn into a loss. So when running ad campaigns, make sure you are <a href=https://kuvio.io/>profit bidding google ads</a> with software like Kuvio.

That way, you’ll quickly see if your ads are making money.


And these are fatal mistakes. When you avoid these, you’ll make more money. So go out there, and start advertising. Maybe you’ll skyrocket your sales now!