Keep Your (Hen) House in Order

Keeping hens and chickens is a lovely hobby, or work for that matter. Spending time with the lovely clucking hens, making sure that they have a clean hen house and everything they need, does not really seem like a job, but more like spending time with friends. You soon get to know all the little quirky personalities among your hens, and you know exactly who will come running to greet you and who will keep their cool.

Minimize Maintenance

Even if the maintenance is part of life with hens, it does not mean that it is your favourite part of it. Understandably, some of you will want to minimize the time spent on other things than actually being with the hens and chickens.

Our best tip for making daily life with chickens as easy as possible is to organize all the things you need. Create personalised stickers online and label all boxes and shelves. That way you’ll know where to find (and put) everything. You could also create labels with instructions such as “daily”, “weekly, Thursday” to simplify any hand-over if there are more than one keeper.

When you organise, try to put everything you need daily in the same place, the weekly maintenance in a different and the more rare things in a third place. Grouping the articles will help you find what you need and not forget anything.

If you have many hens and get lots of eggs, it is also smart to label the egg storage so you easily know which eggs are the freshest.