Keeping Chickens Helps Reduce Stress

We live in uncertain times, and the past year has really been strainful to all of us. Some of us have had to endure strict measures to curb the spread of the pandemic, while others have had less of an intrusion. But all of us have experienced heightened levels of stress, I’m sure. 

What I have discovered is that keeping hens and chickens have actually helped me lessen my stress. The hens are there everyday, and regardless of the news and developments of the pandemic, they need to be tended to. They behave the same way and are just as affectionate, and that has helped me feel grounded and a bit more secure. 

Other Ways to Keep Calm

My hens and the daily routines help me, but I’ve also found a few other things are helpful in keeping me stable mentally. One of them is yoga. I spend 30 minutes daily on my yoga mat. There are a number of yoga teachers on youtube, providing yoga routines for free. I vary my programs to keep me alert and exercise all parts of my body. And of course, to enjoy my half hour on the mat every time. 

I have also found a small, and perhaps silly, thing that keeps me smiling and reminds me of de-stressing. Print stickers online with a simple reminder such as “Breathe” or “Smile” and put them where you see them regularly. I’ve put mine on the fridge and on the inside of the door to the house. Works every time, and puts a smile on my face as well.

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